What will You do with Jesus? -- Mark 3


Mark 3


A.  Many people heard and saw Jesus and believed.

       (Rd. Mk.3:7-12)


            1.  Many Jews believed.

            2.  Many Gentiles believed.

            3.  Many plagued believed.

            4.  Many possessed believed.


B.  But not everyone believed.


C.  Let me show you what some others wished to do with Jesus.


I.  Some Wished to Destroy Jesus.  (3:1-6)


A.  Jesus was Angered at the Pharisees.

            1.  They wouldn't answer Him.

            2.  They wouldn't affirm Him.


B.  The Pharisees were angered at Jesus.

            1.  They would not embrace Jesus.

            2.  They would not encourage Jesus.

            3.  They would try to eliminate Jesus.


C.  Have you noticed that Satan always wants to eliminate Jesus?


            1.  Historically, Satan tried to eliminate Jesus.

                        Through Cain, Men of Noah's day, Pharoah,

                        Haman, Herod, at the cross


            2.  Culturally, Satan tries to eliminate Jesus.

                        Through terrorists bombs, communist domination,

                        or through government regulation

                        (No Ten Commandments, prayer, Bible in school)


            3.  Some wish to destroy Him.

                        What will you do with Jesus?

II.  Some Wished to Desert Jesus.


A.  Judas Iscariot Joined Jesus.


            1.  Judas was a zealot.

                        a.  Sought to overthrow Roman oppression.

                        b.  Sought to establish Jewish sovereignty.

                        c.  Reason he joined may be because he thought

                             Jesus was a zealot, too.  He could unite the Jews

                             and overthrow the Romans with His power.


            2.  Judas was a disciple.

                        a.  Called as one of the twelve.

                        b.  Preached as one of the twelve.

                        c.  Was the treasurer of the twelve.


B.  Judas Iscariot Deserted and Betrayed Jesus.


            1.  He betrayed Christ because He was not a man of war,

                 but a man of peace.  Became disillusioned.

            2.  He betrayed Christ because he wanted to force Jesus


            3.  He betrayed Christ for 30 pieces of silver.  Greedy.

            4.  He betrayed Christ because the devil got a hold of him.


C.  Would you desert Jesus?


            1.  The truly saved will not desert Jesus and turn back.

                 They are overcomers.


            2.  The unsaved may desert Jesus.  (see I Jn.2:19)


                        *  Because it wasn't what they expected.

                        *  Because of enticements of the world.

                        *  Because of disappointments in life.

                        *  Because the devil gets a hold of them.


            3.  What will you do with Jesus?


III.  Some Wished to Detain Jesus.  (3:20-21, 31-35)


A.  Jesus' own Family and Friends did not believe Him at Times.


            1.  Later, his brethren and mother accept Him as Lord.

                 (Jude, James, Mary--obviously father is gone)


            2.  But they did not at first believe.


B.  Jesus' own Family and Friends tried to stop Him at Times.


            1.  They may have been told by the Jewish leaders that

                 Jesus was wrong and they would be thrown out of the

                 synagogue if they did not stop Him.


            2.  They may have been deceived by Satan.

                 Certainly, Jesus was different after His baptism than

                 before.  As the oldest child, He may have been the

                 main bread winner for the family.


            3.  They try to talk Him out of going to the crowds and

                 into coming home.

                        They try to detain Jesus.


C.  Would anything dissuade you from your God-given ministry?


            1.  Others may try to tell us it is foolish.

            2.  Our own family may try to stop us.

            3.  Would you carry on in the face of this opposition?


            ILL:  William Borden

                        Born into wealth and fortune.

                        Gave it up to go on the mission field.

                        Tried to be dissuaded by family and friends.

                        Died in Cairo of spinal meningitis.

                        Wrote in Bible           

                        "No reserves, No retreats, No regrets"



IV.  Some Wished to Denounce Jesus.  (3:22-29)


A.  They Denied He had the Holy Spirit.


B.  They Claimed He had an Unclean Spirit.


            1.  This is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit--

                        to attribute the acts of the Spirit to Satan.


            2.  Note the irony:


                        a.  In Mark 2:7 these claimed Jesus blasphemed

                             God by forgiving sins.

                        b.  Now they blasphemed God in a way in which

                             there is no forgiveness.


C.  Can  a person commit the Unpardonable Sin Today?


            1.  No, you cannot see the works of Christ and say they are

                 of Satan.


            2.  Yes, you can see the works of the Spirit today and say

                 they are occultic and not of God.


                        EX:  The work of Salvation, work of Sanctification,

                              The work of Sorrow for Sin,  The call to Service


                        a.  It is one thing to say they are not of God.

                        b.  It is another to say they are of the devil.

                              This belies an extreme blindness and hardness.




A.  What was the problems in each of these cases?

            Hardness of Heart.  (3:5)


B.  Today we have the same problem in the world.


C.  We must beware of becoming Hardened in Heart.  (Heb.3:7-13)

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