"The Grace of Giving" (II Cor.8:1-9; 9:6-15)


II Corinthians 8:1-9; 9:6-15


A.  It is good to be a giving church.

B.  But you can be a giver and be giving in the wrong way.

C.  Are you giving in the right way?

D.  Five marks of Right Giving are mentioned in II Corinthians.


I.  We are to Give Liberally.  (8:1-2; 9:6)


A.  There are two laws that seem to be at odds in the Bible:


1.  The Law of Saving.  (Prov.6:6-8)

                        Storing up as an ant.


2.  The Law of Sowing.  (I Cor. 9:6)

                        Hoarded seed yields no harvest.


B.  These two laws are easily reconciled:


            1.  We are to Save for Necessities.

                        EX:  Car, College, Home


            2.  We are to Share with the Needy.

                        EX:  Church at Jerusalem, Missionaries, Needy


C.  Two of the Greatest Indicators of Christianity Mentioned

            in II Cor.8:1-2.


            1.  Joy in trials.

            2.  Liberality in poverty.

                        It seems the poor give more.

                        ILL:  He Convinced Some

                        EX:  My grandfather Turner






II.  We are to Give Willingly.  (8:3-4)


A.  Most people look for a way out.


            “I gave at the office.”

            “Catch me next time.”

            “Bad economic times.”


B.  The Macedonians looked for a way to give.


            ILL:  R.G. LaTourneau


C.  We need to look for ways to give of our lives.

            Give time, money, smile, ear.

            “Make me a blessing of someone today.”


III.  We are to Give Thankfully.  (9:11-12)

            So you’ve decided to give.

            What kind of giver are you?


A.  We can be a Tearful Giver.

            EX:  Beverly Hillbillies, banker Milburn Drysdale,

  Jack Benny.


B.  We can be a Fearful Giver.

            Giving because you are afraid what God will do to you.


C.  We can be a Cheerful Giver.

            How can I be a cheerful giver?  (see v.15)

            Our giving in a “Thank You” to God.


IV.  We are to Give Thoughtfully.  (9:7)



A.  Giving is not a Matter of Impulse.

B.  Giving is a Matter of Intent.

            EX:  Tithing—to think about what God has & what we owe



V.  We are to Give Spiritually.  (8:5)


A.  God wants more than your money.

B.  God wants the man.

            This is total stewardship of life.

            ILL:  Billy Graham tells of Japanese convert who began

tithing.  Decided he needed to tithe time, too.  Church grew

from 40 to 200 members.


If I exercise discipline in one area of life, it affects others.

EX:  Exercise affects Bible study/Prayer life.



We will get to heaven one day and wish we had done more.

ILL:      Oskar Schindler—German industrialist saved 1200 Jews.

            Instead of sending to Auschwitz they worked in his factory.

            Schindler’s List—“I could have bought more.”

            “If I had just sold my car I could have bought ten more.”



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