Stop in the Name of the Law (I Timothy 1:8-11)


I Timothy 1:8-11


A.  Gideons give out NTs to Fifth graders.

            Why don't they give the whole Bible?

            Why just focus on the NT?


            1.  The NT contains the clearest plan of salvation.

                        EX:  John 3:16;  The Roman Road


            2.  The NT contains the clearest plan of sanctification

                 for Christians today.

                        a.  We are not under the Law, but under Grace.

                        b.  We are not national Israel, but the Church.

                        c.  In the OT sanctification included:

                                    *  Circumcision.

                                    *  Not eating certain foods: Pork, catfish

                                    *  Not wearing certain mixed garments


                        d.  In the NT, sanctification is found in the example

                                    of Jesus and the guidance of the Spirit.

                                    *  The Jerusalem Council said Gentiles

                                        had no need to follow Jewish rituals

                                    *  Paul made it clear we are to Walk in the

                                       Spirit and live by the Spirit.


            3.  The NT contains the clearest plan of service for us.

                        a.  In the OT they had a Temple and service to God

                             included sacrifices, tithes, and feast days.

                             Only certain OT people had gifts for service

                        b.  In the NT we are the Temple.

                                    We are to be a living sacrifice to God.

                                    We are to give our all for God.

                                    We are to celebrate every day in God.

                                    We all have gifts to use for God.


B.  Why do we even need to study the OT today?



            1.  The OT gives us Important History.

                        a.  You can't understand mankind w/o OT history.

                        b.  You can't understand Jesus w/o OT history.

                        c.  You can't understand the NT w/o OT history.

                        d.  You can't understand prophecy w/o OT history.


            2.  The OT gives us Important Prophecy.

                        a.  The OT gives prophecies of the Messiah so that

                             we are sure Jesus is the Son of God.

                        b.  The OT gives prophecies of the Last Days that

                             show us the Tribulation and Millennial Reign.


            3.  The OT gives us Important Examples.

                        a.  We have many Great Examples of Faith.

                                    Hebrews 11; Enoch, Noah, Abraham, David

                        b.  We also have Great Examples of Power.

                                    EX:  Creation, Flood, parting Red Sea,

                                    the sun stands still for Joshua, Moses rod

                        c.  We have Great Examples of Evil and its End.

                                    EX:  the men of Noah's day, Achan,

                                                Ahab & Jezebel


            4.  The OT gives us Important Truths and Verses.

                        *  Ps.23  "The LORD is my shepherd"

                        *  Prov.3:5-6   "Trust in the LORD with all thine


                        *  II Chron.7:14  "If My people, which are called by

                        My name, shall humble themselves and pray, and

                        seek My faice, and turn from their wicked ways;

                        then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their

                        sin, and will heal their land."


C.  There is another thing the OT does.

            The OT teaches us some Important Morals.


            1.  Some think morals change with time.

                        EX:  About marriage, drugs, modesty

            2.  God does not change and neither do His morals.

                        "I am the LORD; I change not"  "Jesus the same..."

Proposition:  The OT Law still has a lot to say about Morality.


I.  The Law tells us to Stop Sinning.


A.  Whose law is this talking about?  Not man's law, but God's.

            Who is man disobeying?  God


B.  The OT teaches us that there is a God in Heaven, the Creator

      of all, and we are accountable to Him.

            1.  He made us, so we are accountable.

            2.  He sustains us, so we are accountable.

            3.  He controls our destiny, so we are accountable.

            4.  He forgives us, so we are accountable.


C.  Men were lawless and disobedient even before there was a

      Mosaic Law.

            1.  It was 2500 years after Creation that the Law was given.

            2.  Men were Lawbreakers to God's will before the Law.

                  Just look at Genesis.

                        a.  Cain killed Abel before "Thou shalt not kill"

                        b.  Ham dishonored his father Noah before

                             "Thou shalt honor thy father and thy mother"

                        c.  Nimrod, began idol worship before

                             "Thou shalt have no other gods or make images"

                        d.  There was the evil of Sodom & Gomorrah before

                             "Thou shalt not commit adultery"

                        e.  Joseph's brothers sold him into slavery before

                             "Thou shalt not covet" or "bear false witness"


D.  Those Lawbreaker before the Law were judged by God.

            1.  Cain was driven out of his homeland, away from family

            2.  The Flood came to judge the wickedness in Noah's day

            3.  God judged the arrogant Tower of Babel

            4.  God destroyed sinful Sodom & Gomorrah


E.  There was a Law written on the hearts of man even before

     there was a Law written on stone tablets.

     (Romans 2:12,15)


II.  The Law tells us to Stop Ignoring God.


A.  The things Paul says from here on bear a pattern.

      Notice how they match up with the Ten Commandments.


            1.  What is the First Commandment?

                        "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me."


            2.  What does it mean to be "ungodly"?

                        From the Greek "asebes"

                        Sebes means reverence, veneration, piety

                        A in front means without.

                        So these are without any reverence for God


B.  This Ungodliness can be Looked at Two Ways:


            1.  Many today don't want to even Admit there is a God.

                 Very common today.

                        "Professing themselves to be wise, they became

                        fools...And even as they did not like to retain God in

                        their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate

                        mind"  (Rom.1:22,28)


            2.  Many say they believe in God, but don't live like it.

                 More common.

                        *  Most prisoners in prison believe in God.


C.  More and more people are trying to Put God Out of their Minds


            *  We took God out of the School House in the 1960's

            * We took God out of the Court House with no public

               displays of the Ten Commandments or Nativity scenes

            *  We took God out of the State House saying we must

                have "separation of church and state"

            *  Some businesses trying to take God out of their own

                House by refusing to even say "Merry Christmas"


D.  It is time we stopped Ignoring God, and started Adoring God

            Stop putting Him down and lifting Him up.

III.  The Law tells us to Stop Profaning God.


A.  Ten Commandments talk a lot about ways people Profane God.


            1.  By profaning His Image.

                        You always make God smaller/different with idols

                        How are you going to picture the Almighty,

                        All-knowing, All-encompassing God in an idol?

                        How do we do that?

                                    Movies picture George Burns as God.

                                    Picture Morgan Freeman as God.

                                    Picture and old man as God.

                        My God is not old or a man.


            2.  By profaning His Name.

                        "Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD in vain"

                        *  Today we have those who use Jesus name as an

                            explitive and God's name as a curse word.

                        *  Today there are comedians who think misusing

                            God's name is funny and punks who think it is


                        *  I am here to tell you that God is sick and tired of

                            people profaning His name.

                        *  His name is not Hollow, but Holy.

                                    He is not a Laughingstock, but our Lord.

                                    God's last name is not Damn; He is Divine.

                        *  The Bible says "At the name of Jesus, every knee

                            should bow"  It is time we started bowing.


            3.  By profaning His Day.

                        "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy"

                        Churches all across America are on decline. Why?

                        Sunday is no longer considered a day of worship.

                        *  Sunday is considered a day of sleeping in.

                        *  Sunday is considered a day of football.

                        *  Sunday is considered a day of vacation.

                        *  Sunday is considered a day of shopping.

                        *  Sunday is considered a day of mowing.

                        *  Sunday is considered a day of hunting, fishing.

            We need to get back to making Sunday a Holy day, instead

            of a Holiday.


IV.  The Law tells us to Stop Dishonoring our Parents.

            "Thou shalt honor thy father and thy mother"


A.  This verse might be read, "smiters of fathers & of mothers"


            Whether smiting or slaying, both condemned in OT Law


            "And he that smiteth his father, or his mother, shall be

            surely put to death."  (Ex.21:15)


B.  This was a bold statement of Paul at the time.

            Nero had just recently murdered his mother Agrippina.


C.  Used to be that parents spanked their kids and children

      respected their parents.

            Today we are told a parent should never lay a hand on a

            child.  Yet the children are turning on their parents.

            EX:  Report in London on domestic abuse of parents


V.  The Law tells us to Stop the Killing.

            Manslayers;  "Thou shalt not kill"


A.  Killing in America has gotten Out of Hand.


            1.  Babies are killed in the womb for convenience.

            2.  Random citizens are killed in drive by shootings.

            3.  Police officers are killed just because they were blue.


B.  This was the Sin of the Days of Noah.


            "The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was

            filled with violence."  (Gen.6:11)


            1.  In these last days we are being filled with violence.

            2.  We need the Prince of Peace to return and stop the


VI.  The Law tells us to Stop the Sexual Sin.

            Thou shalt not commit adultery"


A.  Whoremongers = pornos.  A fornicator.

            Covers any sexual sin by a man and a woman.

            Pre-marital sex or Extra-marital sex.


            1.  God does not care that everyone is doing it.

                 You shouldn't.

            2.  God does not agree that it is harmless fun.

                 Disease and divorce are not harmless.

            3.  God does not care if you are consenting adults.

                  God doesn't give His consent.


B.  "Men that defile themselves with mankind"  (Homosexuals)


            1.  Homosexuality is not natural, it is a perversion.

            2.  Homosexuality is not gay, it is sad.

            3.  Homosexuality may be the law of the land, but it is

                 not the law of God, and never will be.


VII.  The Law tells us to Stop Stealing.


A.  This passage mentions about the worst theft you can make.

            Manstealers = "Man enslavers"

            1.  Some try to say, "The Bible never condemned slavery."

                 O Yes it did!  The Bible says it is theft.

            2.  Paul says slave owners are thieves of the highest order.

                 They stole a man's life.

            3.  Slavery was a sin in Paul's day, it was a sin yesterday

                 when we fought the Civil War, it is still a sin today.

            4.  Acc. to Anti-Slavery International, there are currently

                 over 20 million people in bondage.  Slave trading is still

                 going on Africa's West Coast, the Sudan, in India,

                 Pakistan, the Dominican Republic, and Thailand.


B.  But even if you are Stealing on such a grand scale as Slavery,

        even if you only steal pencils and paper clips from the office,

        you are still breaking the Law of God.

VIII.  The Law tells us to Stop the Lying.

            "Thou shalt not bear false witness"


A.  This passage talks about liars and perjurers.

B.  Lying has become a way of life for some.

            1.  We can't believe the politicians.

            2.  We can't believe the news reporters.

            3.  We can't believe the doctors at times.

            4.  We can't believe the lawyers.


            Thankfully, you can always believe God.

            Jesus said, "I am the way, THE TRUTH, and the life."


IX.  God's Morals Have Not Changed!


            *  The morals of society will change.  Not God.

            *  The morals in govt. will change.  Not God.

            *  The morals of people will change.  Not God.

            *  The morals of denominations will change.  Not God.

            *  The morals of the Boy Scouts will change.  Not God.


X.  There is something that Needs to Change.  Us!


A.  The Law is not for the Righteous Man.  Why?


            1.  The righteous man believes in the Son of God.

            2.  The righteous man is filled with the Spirit of God.

            3.  The righteous man is under the control of God.


"For the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance;

against such there is no Law."  (Gal.5:22-23)


B.  If you will live by the control of the Spirit of God, you

     will fulfill the morality of the Law of God.


            There is no such thing as a Spirit-filled lawbreaker,

            murderer, adulterer, or dope head.



A.  The question for you today:  Are you a righteous man?


            1.  Have you put your faith in Jesus?

            2.  Are you living by the Spirit today?


B.  If you want to Stop your sinning, you need to start trusting!



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